Westville NYC


Mindful eating is all well and good untill it’s time to join the rest of society and go out to eat at an actual restaurant (that is assuming you have a social life, which you should, it’s good). Reading menus at many restaurants can make you realize how uptight you have been about what you eat. At least that’s how I feel when there’s nothing that appeals to me and I can’t enjoy a nice meal out without having a moment like this: “Excuse me is that wild Alaskan salmon? Um, is there cream in that sauce? Do you have any grass-fed beef?” You do the same thing too? Ok then I’m not the only one. Great.

That brings me to a wonderful experience I just had to share with the rest of the health concious people out there. Westville is a restaurant in New York that has locations in Chelsea, East Village, West Village and a location in Hudson too. I had the fortunate experience of dining there with my dearest girlfriends who also appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Westville’s philosophy is simple, fresh and seasonal foods.The atmosphere itself is very cozy and unpretentious.


It’s really all about the food. The menu consisted of chicken, fish and veggie entres as well as salads and market plates.OH MY GOD THE MARKET PLATES!!!! You pick four choices from an extensive list including artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms, beets, zucchini, and butternut squash.  If I could eat this food every day I could be a vegetarian and not miss out on anything. As far as entries go the crispy vegan quinoa & artichoke burger with avocado, chopped kale, alfalfa sprouts & sriracha coconut ranch dressing served w/ an arugula and marinated red onion salad was absolutely heavenly.


With great food and even better friends, it was  my idea of the perfect dining experience. I’m definitely going back!