Welcome to Bloom & Spark. This blog is intended to be a place to share information and inspiration on all healthy and happy living content. There’s nothing better than knowing we have the ability to take the best care of ourselves and live to our fullest potential. Here I will share recipes, tips, and information on food, nutrition and fitness, as well as guidance toward personal development of the mind and spirit. And maybe some fun travel and restaurant posts too.

The inspiration for the name came from my love for healthy natural foods that come from the earth, especially when I grow them myself (Bloom), as well as my passion for seeking out inspiration, positive energy and joy in the world (Spark). The main focus will be on a healthy living lifestyle for the mind body and spirit, but will also touch a bit on travel and leisure as it pertains to finding health and happiness.

A bit of personal background: My name is Caroline and I live in The Hamptons. A wonderful place for finding inspiration and beauty. I began a personal journey of overall wellness after dealing with anxiety disorders for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen psychologists and hypnotherapists, tried prescription medication and finally got fed up with all the effort it took to battle this issue. I decided to look toward other avenues of healing, in a more wholistic and peaceful way. I knew a complete lifestyle change was needed, for my mind, body and spirit. I became passionate about educating myself on nutrition, meditation, yoga, spiritual development and living happily and peacefully. I have found success with this way of living, as long as I am consistent and continue to learn more and maintain healthy habits. So this blog is a place to do just that. Thanks for joining me!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. What a lovely space you created here Caroline, can’t wait to see more. It is always so amazing to see people’s journey to healthy and natural living, I hope it is contagious.


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