Getting into the Spirit

So as my readers know I post a lot about health, wellness, good food and nutrition. But in order to lead a healthful balanced life, a large component which cannot be overlooked is spirituality. I have found that the further I dive into the world of healthy living the more I see how important a connection to the higher self is an integral part of overall wellbeing.  Coming from a Jesuit education, where significance is placed on “care of the whole person” (mind body and spirit) it’s fitting that I find myself at a place in my life where I am placing significance on caring for my whole person. It’s easy to fall into the mindset that spirituality is too woo-woo and new-agey but let’s get real here. We all have souls right? At least I think so. And I’m not talking about organized religion. As author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss says, organized religion is a costume party and nothing but the politics of God. All major religions boil down to the same ideals: love, peace and kindness toward one another. They are just dressed up in costumes like judgement, hate and exclusivity.  Peel away all the nonsense that has been taught for the last couple centuries and we are looking at the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed and other spiritual leaders, and realizing that they are all kinda the same.  So I want to dive in to better understand the connection between our spiritual health and our physical health, becuase my gut is telling me that they are way more related than we ever thought.


Since I don’t know what kind of picture would best accompany this post, please enjoy this sunset. 


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