Things I love: Against All Grain by Danielle Walker

I love healthy cookbooks. I have to restrain myself at the book store because I want them all. It’s important that the recipes in a cookbook are realistic. I won’t buy one if each dish has a long list of ingredients that I have never heard of and multiple complex steps, resulting in a multi-hour process. As much as I love learning about new ingredients and experimenting in the kitchen, I know I will rarely use it, and only collect dust on the shelf. And lonely books are just sad.

One that I use consistently is Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. I keep it on my kitchen window sill because I use it so much. I have endless praise for Danielle and her paleo pioneering. Although I am not  fully paleo I definitely lean in that direction, consuming far less wheat, grains, and processed foods than I used to. She creates easy to make recipes using ingredients I’ve heard of. Some of the recipes are more time consuming than others, but when you want to make your health a priority it’s a given you will spend some time in the kitchen.


Being inspired by the season I decided to spend my Sunday in the kitchen (since outdoors is no longer an option for a while) prepping for the week with lots of seasonal ingredients and flavors.  Danielle’s recipe for spiced pumpkin muffins seemed easy, and I already had most of the ingredients in the pantry (I don’t really have a pantry, it’s a cabinet.  But I like the sound of pantry better.  I can pretend I have a huge kitchen).  Anyway, they turned out great. I ate three as soon as they came out of the oven.




Another recipe of hers I made over the summer when I had zucchinis growing in my garden was this little gem:

Greek Gyro “Pasta” with Lamb Meatballs


It perfectly combined the flavors of summer like mint, tomato and zucchini while satisfying the yearning for some comfort food in a fresh yet hearty meal. I cannot say enough about this one!

Overall, I highly recommend this book as it contains feasible paleo recipes for snacks, breakfast, soups, salads, main dishes, cakes, breads and kid friendly food. She also includes background on her own health struggles and how a paleo diet has transformed her health. Probably the most informative part of the book touches on practicle lifestyle tips for living paleo such as what pantry staples to always have on hand, how to buy consciously and what equipment to use in preparing grain free delisiousness. Bon a petit!



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