Finding Joy When the Seasons Change


I love Autumn. There’s something so refreshing about fall colors, the smell of leaves, and getting out the sweaters and boots. I especially love fall inspired cooking; winter squash, pumpkin and apple flavors, and roasting everything! Despite all of its wonderful qualities, many people (myself included) find that for whatever reason, the change in season may at times bring on negative emotions. Feeling uprooted and lacking stability with all the change going on is very common. Sometimes for no reason at all I will feel blah, unmotivated, or lacking energy and my usual zest for life. It’s not the fall that I don’t like, it’s the change from summer to fall. This prompted me to look toward natural ways to combat this and make the most of this time of year.

Celebrate the good things the season has to offer. This may sound extremely “DUH!” but it’s easy to forget this when you’re in a rut. The sunlight can be incredible with its warm yellow golden hues, unlike any other time of year. Go for a walk in a park, a hike in the woods and view the foliage, or pumpkin/apple picking.  Even when it’s chilly outside, bundle up in a cute sweater and scarf and spend a little time in nature.IMG_2939

Make fall inspired foods. While in the summer we tend to eat more salads and raw veggies, this time of the year is great for roasting. Try some winter squash, they come in so many interesting colors and shapes, it’s hard not to be inspired to cook with them. One of my favorite dishes to make right now is roasted apple slices with some cinnamon. IMG_2955

Get cozy. It’s natural crave stillness and warmth this time of year. As nature is preparing for the long rest of winter, or bodies will want to sync with that energy and need to feel rested and grounded. With all the movement in the air, temperature changes and windy days, we must balance that by finding stillness and stability. Allow yourself some quality couch or bath time. Change up your usual power yoga workout for a more slow-flow/grounding practice. Whatver you choose, know that you’re not being lazy, sometimes it’s just what you need to feel balanced and restored.

What are some of your favorite ways to infuse a little happiness into the changing seasons? Share your ideas in the comment section.


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