Food Philosophy

It’s hard to filter out the noise of what to eat and what not to eat. Everyone has an opinion on which diet works for them. We can drive ourselves crazy and become obsessed if we monitor everything we eat. There’s actually an eating disorder “orthorexia” which is an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy. Sounds great right!? Sign me up! Just kidding. What I realized after trying to be so strict and making these grand statements about what I will eliminate, I was causing more stress to my system. While I may have been eating well, I was still feeling bad because my negative thoughts were acting like poison in my body, just like junk food would. We all have those thoughts when we want to eat well and we act like the food police “don’t eat that… you will regret it… it will make you feel bad… you’re a failure if you have that cookie/bagel/simple sugar of any kind!” Everyone has thought this at some point. While eating healthy is the goal, if it means deprivation and punishing thoughts, it’s not going to make us feel good.

The approach is what matters. Instead of “I really want that piece of cake, but it’s so full of processed foods and sugar, it’s going to be like poison in my body, wreaking havok in every cell, I will feel so sick and hate myself” we can shift our approach to one of love and positivity “I deserve so much better than what that cake will do for me. The next special occasion that comes around I will treat myself to a small slice, but right now I will honor my body and give it what it actually needs to run.” If it’s a special occasion, have a small bit, but in the grand scheme of every day life,  lovingly feed yourself what it needs to function optimally, not stuff that’s gonna gunk up all the amazing processes that’s happening inside to keep us alive. If you significantly limit the bad stuff, you will find that over time your body just won’t want it anymore. Bye-bye diets!


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